Neelam Phyto-extracts

Neelam Phyto-extracts

Neelam Phyto-extracts

Ghatkopar East, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Herbal Extracts

We offer an excellent quality range of Herbal Extracts that include Phyto Products, Phyto Extracts, Phyto Chemicals, Natural Essential Oil, Natural Essential and Spice Oil.  These are prepared using excellent quality and natural herbs which is procured from our trusted and quality driven vendors. These are widely demanded in several industries throughout the world such as food, pharmaceutical, aroma and cosmetic manufacturing industries.

Phyto Extracts

Natural Essential Oil

Cedar Wood OilGet Quotation

Cedar Wood Oil

Jamrosa Oil (Herb)Get Quotation

Jamrosa Oil (Herb)

Peppermint OilGet Quotation

Peppermint Oil

Chamomile Blue OilGet Quotation

Chamomile Blue Oil

Phyto Chemicals

Calcium SennosidesGet Quotation

Calcium Sennosides

Phyto Chemical OilGet Quotation

Phyto Chemical Oil

CurcumineGet Quotation


LycopeneGet Quotation


ReserpineGet Quotation


Spice Oil

Ajowan oilGet Quotation

Ajowan oil

Angelica Root OilGet Quotation

Angelica Root Oil

Black Pepper OilGet Quotation

Black Pepper Oil

Clove OilGet Quotation

Clove Oil

Tomar Seed OilGet Quotation

Tomar Seed Oil

Cardamom OilGet Quotation

Cardamom Oil

Jatamansi Oil